I purchased VM 3.5 and installed on my Cingular Treo 650. It works perfectly with my clients Exchange 2003 server SP2.
I also have a client with 5 Alltel Treo 650's. I purchased Versamail 3.5 for them and installed it after updating the Treo's to Alltels latest ROM image. When the first manual Sync is performed the Treo downloads the contacts, mail and calendar just fine. After that, it will not auto-sync calendar and contacts although mail seems to work ok. In fact, even a manual sync may not update the server or phone with changes.

So I cold restarted the Treo's back to Alltels Versamail 3.1F version which is their latest. This auto-syncs mail and calendar but has no contacts sync at all. We are syncing the contacts with a cable connection to the PC's.

Anybody had similar or better luck with Versamail 3.5 on Alltel Treo 650's??