So here's my little review regarding 4 GB cards
and the Treo 680.

I have tried 2 cards with this phone thus far:

o Sandisk Extreme 3
o Transcend 150X


The treo 680 seems to recognize more space on the
Transcend than it does on the Extreme 3:

o Extreme 3: 3,652 MB
o Transcend: 3,918 MB

so you get roughly 300MB more on the Transcend.
(roughly 15 more eps of SouthPark )

[VFS Mark]

VFS Mark results however show a slight increase
for the Extreme 3 over the Transcend.

(Extreme 3 VFSMark Result)
File Create: 15%
File Delete: 4%
File Write: 9%
File Read: 672%
File Seek: 1685%
DB Export: 3%
DB Import: 399%
Record Access: 861%
Resource Access: 783%
VFSMark: 492

(Transcend VFSMark Results)
File Create: 39%
File Delete: 14%
File Write: 9%
File Read: 594%
File Seek: 1475%
DB Export 11%
DB Import: 257%
Record Access: 770%
Resource Access: 711%
VFSMark: 431


All in all both cards work fine, but I prefere the Transcend.
You can pick one up here:

$59.00 (normal card)

$80.99 (150x card) [recommended]

Hope this information was helpful.



.. off to give more love to my new treo