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    Hey all,

    I'm trying to decide on which visor to buy, the deluxe or the platinum. The only difference between the two is the faster processor (which i don't need) and the more advanced OS. Is the upgrade from 3.1 to 3.5 really worth the cash? Please help! Thanks...

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    Depends what you need your Visor to do, but even if 3.1 lacks a certain feature you want there is most likely a program out there that will do the same thing. If you don't need the speed, stick with the VDx.
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    Get the Visor Edge or Prism. Even though you don't think you need all the speed, etc. Once you buy a PDA you'll discover that you want to be able to do more.
    I have a Prism (Upgraded from a Deluxe 2 months ago.) I love it. I use it both as my workhorse at my job and also as my gameboy in free time. I only use the color for games but it is a nice feature now that WordSmith allows color text.
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    If money is a limiting factor, get the best you can afford.

    Personally I would suggest, out of the two you mentioned, you get the Platinum. The ability of this to natively support 16-shade greyscale is worth it's wait in gold.

    This is the one feature I miss on my VDx, and it's the one feature that you cannot get a hack/program for. There are programs that support 16-shade on the VDx (e.g. FireViewer). but this is not the same as the OS supporting it.
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    I have Visor envy for all of the new versions on the market, but I guess that the question is whether you are anxious to have the latest and greatest, or just have a workhorse that you are using day in and day out?

    I would suggest the Platinum, since I think that the greyscale advantages will pay off. Speed is nice, but doesn't make a big difference in the day to day world. The extra second or two here and there won't affect you.

    I found, though, that it would have been nice to load HS's photo program on my Visor so that I could have pictures of my kids with me all of the time. It won't work with the VDX, and that was a disappointment.

    Hey, why not consider your Visor a disposable unit, and just plan on buying a new one every year. Let's see, $299 annually is only $25 a month, which is less than you pay for cable. And Cable is disposable too, isn't it???

    (Just kidding -- )

    You will love whatever one you buy. Just remember. Whatever you buy today will be supplanted by a new version with more features tomorrow. Buy what you can afford today. Use it and enjoy it. Then in 2 or 3 years "gift" it to a friend or a family member, and upgrade to whatever you want then.

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    I guess if you really need the higher level of greys you could get the Plat., but I really don't think that alone is worth $100! I'm considering upgrading from my VDX to something better, but the Platinum never entered my mind it just doesn't seem to be the worth the price. If there are other things in the OS you need, then get the Plat, but IMHO I don't notice very many programs that need to be viewed in 16-bit greys that don't already support the VDX.
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    Hell all,

    Thanks for your input! Since price is certainly a factor in my life right now, I think I'll stick with the Deluxe. Although I love graphics and speed, my top priority right now is to organize my ever-growing number of contacts from a new job.

    Hopefully in the future I'll be able to afford a top of the line model and upgrade. Considering how fast this industry is changing, I won't be surprised if next year's model demotes the Platinum or Edge to bargin-bin prices...

    The only factor making my uneasy about buying the Deluxe is the "better syncing". Few reviews have gone into this problem. I'm not sure what qualifies as "better" ...

    If anyone has any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated...

    thanks again,

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