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    I would consider myself a power user. I use my Treo(Palm beofre that) for everything. My latest device in may ways is the best one so far. Does it have its flaws, sure battery life etc. Having been arounf the PalmOS community for a long time there is one thing to remember there are always problems. But this community has a surprising knack for finding solutions. If I think back to the 650 the problems there were worse at this point. It took me about a week to make it function well enough that I could even somewhat rely on it. But as upgrades were released and patched products came out it became by far the most functional unit I have had. I think the 680 is in a good place to start from, there will be fixes for the issues that have come to the surface. It is the next generation and there are always changes, things we wish had carried forward. But all in all having more memory and a few tweaks from my 650 and a face lift it is a nice new addition.
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    Oh, I must agree. I have become more functional faster with the 680 than would have been thinkable with the 650 until a couple of firmware upgrades later. Mind you, the 680 builds on those successes. I haven't had any true show-stoppers at this point... more annoyances. But I think one of them really isn't as much the device's fault as my carrier... the solution is not clear at this point.

    But one thing I must admit I REALLY like has to do with how the device behaves during lags. Sure, people are *****ing right and left that it even does still lag -- but that's a matter of OS implementation. My biggest nit with the 650 was that it dropped keystrokes during the pauses. As of this point, with all of about 3 or 4 hours under it's belt, the 680 hasn't dropped a single keypress. It happily buffers them as I continue typing and maybe 10 or 12 characters pop up all at once. Hey, if you're gonna lag at least you can lag this way.
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    The other thing is I think the lag issue on the 650 would have resulted in a reset. Better slow and come back to me than either the white screen of death or resetting every other time I try something new. I am sure there will be a fix for it as it seems to be connected to signal strength, at least for me.
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    Does the 680 have issues? Of course. It's a matter of how we can cope with them. It's a device. Heck, it's a computer. It will tick us off from time to time.

    All I can say is that I am very happy with the 680 right now. It does what I ask of it, and it does it really well. I have lag every so often, but nothing to drive me up the wall.

    I believe that Palm is taking a step in the right direction with the 680. Some of the issues many of our fellow board members are reporting currently will be addressed. We just have to patiently wait for those fixes. As I have stated in other posts, just give it some time.

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