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    I'm stuck at square 1 here with my first Treo. I have an unlocked Palm, installed the SIM card and screen protector (Palm's). The stylus setup screen comes up with the red bullseye but it doesn't react to my taps so I'm dead in the water. What stupid thing am I doing wrong? Is the screen protector blocking the tap?
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    I have had screen protectors do that to me. You can always take it off and see. If it doesn't work then get a new one. If it does try a different screen protector.
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    I've had it before when I foolishly applied the screen protector too hard on the screen. Just try un-applying the screen protector and everything should response again.
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    Thanks. I took the screen protector off and it worked. It was one of the anti-glare protectors. I put it back on and it works fine again too.

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