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    For some reason, even using a new profile name, the Outlook Calendar is taking FOREVER to hotsync. In fact, as I have yet to complete a sync, I can't even say that it progresses slowly, I think it just stops. It seems to sync everything else, but when it gets to Synchronizing Calendar, it seems to almost hang there. I can hit cancel and then the 680 just sits there at the Cleaining Up - Please wait screen and maybe after a few minutes my desktop returns to normal. Most of the time I have to use Task Manager to end HotSync Manager.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    you might have a corrupted calendar item......

    download this..........

    follow the instructions on this site............

    good luck!
    Cingular 680
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    Doesn't look like the database was corrupted. I don't know what cleared it up. I took it home, did a HotSync with my home computer, then later brought it to the office and did a HotSync again with the laptop that was giving me problems in the first place, but it worked fine.

    By the way, the program that was making my 680 loop endlessly was AIM. Not sure of the version, but it was one I was using on my 650 without a problem. Warning, the AIM program will transfer without incident and will still work normally....up until you reset for some reason, then it causes the endless loop. Thanks again for your help.

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