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    I have NO Idea what would need to happen to fix this across the board. I'm just saying that I found a workaround that works. I also lived with just swapping it back for awhile until I stumbled on this solution.

    I wouldn't expect anyone to run out and buy a multi-sim card unless they need such a thing or the reset bothers them so much. For me, it is worth my time to pay $12 once for the card rather than $15/month extra to change plans. I'm positing this information as a public service to others who feel the same way.
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    Is this normal? Because of my push email program the data connection should stay connected. After a while i see that its reconnecting to network(gprs), it didn't do that on the treo650 once connected it never reconnected anymore?
    I just started the webbrowser even if i saw it was connected it reconnected by itself again??
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    It sounds like a program your running is disconnecting you after a period of time or after it's finished doing what it does.

    That's not the same as what's being discussed here.
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