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    You can reassign your phone button to whatever app you like using PPrefs (freeware).
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    Resurrected this thread :

    Would love to "REMAP a different CONTACTS APP" to the CONTACTS TAB !
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    atbodamer, did you ever figure out how to map keycontacts to "contacts" tab in the phone app or did any one....
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    ---> But this is my "biggest complaint"..... would love to REMAP THE TAB button to a different contacts app.

    For those unclear : the issues is not being able to JUMP TO CONTACTS.... it is to be able to display the contacts DIFFERENTLY within the phone app via the "contacts tab"
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    Oddly enough, this has also been one of the things I have been hoping someone could figure out - especially with regard to Chapura's KeySuite.

    KeySuite is something that Outlook users really need, since it allows one to view/update all 30+ fields and use all Outlook categories etc etc.

    However, I have had to force myself to adapt to the very limited built-in Contacts on the 680 since Chapura hasn't been able to integrate KeySuite into the 680. This is more than just replacing the Contact's tab with KeySuite, but also, pointing the 680 to KeySuite in place of Contacts from within the SMS appplication, contacts lookup from within the Phone application, etc etc.

    I am disappointed that it has now been around 5 months, and Chapura still has not come up with a new version of KeySuite that is compatible with the 680. I am wondering now if it is just not possible from an engineering standpoint.

    This is one of the reasons why I still use my 650 as my primary device - after using the ROM hack that allows me to use my 8GB SDHC card, the 650 is just good as the 680 in most ways. In fact, even though the 650 has an antenna, the 680 with my SEIDIO extended battery (which is a piece of crap that keeps dying out and needing to be physicially re-inserted to "resurrect", but that I can't live without) is just as big, and actually harder to hold than the 650. The only thing I like about the 680 over the 650 is the internal memory which certainly does make life easier.

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    Looks like Chapura has a workaround/fix with KeySuite 3.6. Installing now... expect a report tomorrow.

    "KeySuite Now Supports All Palm OS Messaging, Email and Phone Applications - KeySuite now gives you the option to synchronize your Outlook Contacts with both KeyContacts and the built-in Contacts application. This provides full integration and compatibly with all messaging, email, and phone applications. You enable this feature by clicking on the HotSync Manager" | Custom | KeyContacts | and checking Synchronize Built-In Application."
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    [QUOTE=jonluvslqc;1282903]Looks like Chapura has a workaround/fix with KeySuite 3.6. Installing now... expect a report tomorrow.

    I just posted my findings in another discussion: HERE

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