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    For T Mobile Sim Cards

    If you have a used Tmobile sim card with sms or mms on it you may experience a sim card error when you put it into your Treo 680.

    The phone will ask "You have one or more messages on your sim card. Do you want to move it to your phone?"

    If you select "yes" and someone send you a text message your sim card may crash at that point and you will get a new message "Error. Check to see if your sim card is in the phone or it may be defective"

    Your phone will then be disabled. I tried to insert other sim cards and it is working.

    I had to get a new sim card from Tmobile this morning. The phone and sim card is working fine now.
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    so if you cleared out your SMS/MMS you wouldnt have this problem?
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    no probs here...clear out the sim need to store anything there anymore since all info is on desktop as backup
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    no problems with me as well. but the odd thing about this is i have to connect via VPN, when i try to connect via the internet connection i cant get a connection through the internet just vpn.
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    I believe it would work if you cleared your sim card prior to installing it into the 680.

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