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    I just got a 700p and a few of the included apps are offering me free upgrades: pockettunes, docs to go,... I tried installing the updates but don't see that they are being applied. Is it possible to upgrade those apps or are we stuck with the versions in ROM?
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    Yes, you can upgrade those products however the version that shipped with the 700P stays in ROM unless you remove it - which I don't recommend.

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    Yup - everyone is patiently (and sometime not so patiently) awaiting a long-overdue ROM update for the 700p to fix the bluetooth, update the ROM apps and other issues. Docs to Go is one of the most annoying - as it chews up about 4MB of your precious internal memory (unless you use their tool to shove it into the SD card, which creates other issues...)

    Once Palm finally releases just one firmware update, I believe Shadowmite will be able to take over from there and create a custom ROM tool so we won't need to wait another year for Palm to take a vacation from Redmond and release further updates for the 700p. Until then - you're stuck with 2 copies of DTG on the device if you want to stay current.
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