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    Spoke too soon - after one successful calendar synchronization, I'm now getting "calendar synchronization failed" messages, and hard resets aren't helping this time.

    I've noticed that when I sync after a hard reset, all the third party programs I had previously loaded onto the Treo are loaded up along with my addresses etc.

    Since I suspect that one of my third party apps may be screwing things up, I'd like to be able to sync in ONLY the basic Treo 650 apps, and then, one-by-one, add back third party apps til I can figure out where the problem is.

    Can anybody advise me how do do a "virgin" sync - that is, how to sync only those apps that came supplied with the 650.
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    There is a directory called Backup in C:\Program Files\Palmone\<your id>
    That has all the 3rd party files that gets back on your Treo when you sync it after a hard reset.

    Rename that directory to something like BackuponDec8. Do a hard reset. Sync. Select your id name and bingo, you'll have your Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Memos, but no 3rd party software.
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    Got it! Once again, thanks. Now I've got to gradually add back my 3d party apps to see which one is the stinker. Call that an extra-hard reset.
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