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    Help, I did a HotSync trying to transfer all my Treo 650 data and programs over to my new 680 and now I get an endless loop. How do I hard reset this thing!? ARGH!

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    pop the battery in and out while holding the red button. Wait until the second palm screen let go of the red button, push up for yes.
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    Thank you for your quick reply. I must have missed something before when I tried that method (which is similar to the 650). I guess it threw me for a loop when I couldn't find "reset" or "hard reset" in the manual. Now to go through the task of finding out which of the many programs on my 650 is making my 680 loop. ARGH!!!

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    I just did the hard reset, we'll see if it does anything....
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    Yes, it looks like if it gets into an endless loop, holding down the red (on/off) button will not do anything. You have to take the battery out and put it back in, then hold down the red button for it to give you the hard reset screen.

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