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    i am used to using Treoguard. But, It is causing problems on the 680. Are ther any other apps that turn the screen off during a call?
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    do you mean turn the backlight off or disable the touchscreen while on a call? both can be managed in preferences (backlight can be set to go off on a call after 30 seconds in the Power preferences, and disabling the touchscreen on a call can be managed in the Keyguard preferences).
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    Actually in the prefs it says that tha tcalls can be "dimmed" after x amount of time. I want something that turns the screen off during a call
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    Why? If it's for power I doubt the dimmed screen uses all that much. If it for not activing the screen by accident use the disable touch screen during call option.
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    The creen just annoys me when it is on. Just a pref I have.
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    Resurrected this post....

    Wanted to know if ANYONE has come up with a solution to this?

    - Turn screen off after receiving phone calls (this is good at night, but also so cops dont see you on your phone in a car.....let's be practical...we all do that)

    - Curious if there is a TreoGuard for the Treo 680 ? or something like it?
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    thanks...will look into it...
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    I have used Sandman on a 600, a 650 and now a 700P. On the 700P I have it mapped to the side-button (Press and hold). You just have to be careful not to use the RED power button to wake it back up if you are still on a call.

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