Hi all,
First posting here.
I got my Copper 680 from Lady Treo yesterday (FedEx claimed no Saturday delivery available, bull!). Thanks again SFO and Stephanie! Love the Copper!
I've been playing with it since it arrived yesterday morning and have given my 650 to my 10 year old daughter. No going back!
I had a slight lag or delay as well. I read in another post somewhere that if you disable the automatic time/date settings and keep them on manual, it works without the lag. Sure enough, it works! Anyone with the lag, try setting the time/date settings to manual and see if it clears up. It did for me.
My biggest problem right now is the lack of BB Connect support.
Does anyone have a reliable source at RIM or Palm that can give us a date when it will be available??? One thread states that it is being tested by Palm now. Where do we get the BETA??? I don't want to go back to the 650 (daughter would kill me now...) or my Nokia E61 now that I've used this device for a few days.