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    Isn't worth a @$%&!
    It only works on PCs, (which I knew, but was at least hoping to get an upgrade code so I could move up to p-tunes deluxe). So, for the "extra value" PalmOne pitches you on the website for purchasing an Unlocked Treo680. Really you're only getting the 1gb SD card, and some headphones.
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    What does the version on the CD do that the one on the device doesn't? (I'm on a Mac, too)
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    The CD offered by Palm, works on PCs only, and is supposed to upgrade our 680s to Pocket-tunes deluxe. I'm not sure what the bene's are. But the notion that they were offering me a 'value' then learning that it only works on PCs was not what I call a VALUE.

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