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    Just wanted to start this thread so see if it gets any feedback (preferably from the RomTool guy).

    Looks like the 680 works differently in regards to the bootloader.

    On the 650 I would just take out the battery completely.. then hold down the hotsync button while attatching the cable to the phone to get the bootloader (no battery needed).

    It seems however that the 680 needs the battery to power up, and no bootloader to be found
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    Isn't 680 made by someone other than HTC? If so, it's possible (and likely) that the bootloader is very different. Still, it might not hurt to try holding down hotsync while you put in the battery.
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    course I tried that... no dice
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    Quite interesting! I just was checking out a 700p. When you access the bootloader it displays a question, 'Load rom?' if you say no (press any key) it goes into the colored screen. Running the romtool, you never get the phone found response. Only way to restart is to pull the battery. So for now, it sounds like the rom tool doesn't work on these new Treos! Let's hope that changes soon.
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    Any progress on this?

    thank you
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    There won't be progress, the 680 does not have a bootloader like the 650 did.
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