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    1. Make sure you Hotsync to get the latest information updated.

    2. On the Palm, Go to Palm Home and select the menu key and the
    Delete option

    3. At the top of the list, you should see GoodLink, GoodPrefs and
    then Contacts someplace close by. The size of Contacts will vary
    because this is REAL DATA, that is why it is important to Hotsync
    BEFORE doing this.

    4. Delete Contacts and do a Soft Reset

    5. VERY IMPORTANT part II Change the Hotsync manager to Outlook or
    Palm Desktop overwrites Palm. If you do not do this, Hotsync will
    erase the Desktop information to get parity with the Palm which we
    ERASED the database for.

    6. After this crucial Hotsync life is back to normal and Hotsync
    manager can be changed back to Synch both. KEEP IN MIND!!!!! If the
    customer upgrades to a newer version of Good or Re-installs, the
    hack/redirect is re-initiated and these steps must be taken again.
    GoodGuy: Here is the state of affairs I want. Is this possible: I use Treo 600 (upgrading to 680 when available). I use Datebk 6 for calendar and tasks. I like how my contacts are handled by Good. But my Datebk 6 is looking to Palm contacts, not Good contacts, for Datebk phone lookups. When I update my contacts in Outlook, they do not appear to be updated in Datebk 6, though they are in Good. Is there a way for Datebk 6 to look at my Good contacts rather than Palm contacts? Also, why aren;t my Palm contacts being updated when I sync the Palm to my computer? Thanks

    (Separate matter: Good needs to go a long way to enhance Task function before Good can replace Palm task function.)
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    Several users and I have a similar problem at the hospital we work at. Our 700p's sometimes cease alarming (although they will vibrate if set to do so under preferences). The problem is solved by a soft reset, but it is an issue. Any ideas?
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    By "cease alarming" do you mean you don't get the bong for incoming email but calendar alarm sounds work fine? If so, that's exactly the problem I've been trying to debug for the last couple of weeks and have not yet been able to pin down the symptoms.

    A soft reset will temporarily fix it but only temporarily. Eventually, it will go quiet again. Despite lots of debug testing, haven't yet found any conflict with a 3rd party app so the symptoms don't point in that direction.

    Edit: BTW, running a Sprint 700p with GMM
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    That is it, exactly, tomvb2000.
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    Well good news and bad news. Good news - I've had the bong sound consistently since 11/30 (my last soft reset). Bad news - I don't know what I did to "fix" it.

    I've intentionally not made any changes to the Treo that would conceivably impact Good as I was waiting for it to go quiet again hoping I'd notice the cause. I expect the problem will eventually come back, so if I find out anything, I'll repost.
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    Naturally, I jinxed myself and spoke too soon. Woke up to a silent Good this morning even though it was working fine last night and didn't think I had changed anything. After a soft reset, I've had the email bong all day.

    Reason I say that is because I was beginning to suspect that Good went mute after a dbCache clear (the "white screen of lag") you get (usually) coming out of Blazer. A week or so ago I thought I was able to consistently make that happen and was about to post it to GoodGuy, but then the predictability stopped. I am having a few problems with mSafe 4.0 beta keeping a valid registration, so I used Resco Locker to lock their license app into dbCache memory thinking it might fix the problem. When it didn't, I removed Resco Locker from the Treo.

    It makes no sense Resco Locker would be related to Good going mute, but I've installed it again hoping that Good continues to bong normally. We'll see.
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    cipher - what 3rd party apps (if any) do you have installed? After a lot of debugging I can't find a pattern related to 3rd party apps, but perhaps what we have in common would provide a clue.
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    Thanks for your efforts.
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    Turns out it may not be related to 3rd party apps after all. Ran across this thread last night which seems to indicate it's a known Good software problem they are working on.
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