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    Has anyone experienced resets on the latest version of YourCall? I have the latest version on my 650. It seems to work OK as it should with calls, but in the program while trying to maintain number exceptions - it, without fail, will cause a soft reset when I choose "Number Exceptions". I have installed a few programs since the original install of YourCall, but I removed those and I am still having this problem. Wanted to check here before going to them.
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    No resets here when going into Number Exceptions. What key sequence are you using?
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    "key sequence"? I open up YourCall and use the pull-down to choose "Number Exceptions". Resets everytime.

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    that happens to me everytime I upgrade so the work around is to uninstall the old version and do a clean install
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    No resets here on my 700p. I even entered several exceptions and saved them. If Uninstall/reinstall doesn't resolve it, time to look for conflicting apps!
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    did the 'ol uninstall/reinstall and that seems to have done the trick - so far! Thanks guys.

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