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  1. Nuffsed
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    Just taken delivery of my new Treo 680. My 1st expedition into Palm Treo country. And it's floating my boat in so many ways.

    But: what's the deal with the speakerphone? As it is it is not worthy of that nomenclature providing no discernable increase in volume.

    Am I missing something here?
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    I agree. Everything I'd read ahead of time said the speakerphone was "loud and clear," but I find it anything but. Not very loud at all, IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuffsed View Post
    Just taken delivery of my new Treo 680. My 1st expedition into Palm Treo country. And it's floating my boat in so many ways.

    But: what's the deal with the speakerphone? As it is it is not worthy of that nomenclature providing no discernable increase in volume.

    Am I missing something here?

    You are correct. It is not very loud at all. So, it's not just your unit.
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    That's sad because I was counting on a useful speakerphone. And I really don't want to put VolumeCare on it because I blew two speakers on my 650s with that app.
  5. Nuffsed
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    Guy from Palm UK tech support advised a hard reset (and it is hard- way fiddly holding on button & messing with the battery!). But it did the job and my speakerphone works ok now! Not superloud, but definately usable. Score!
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    I donīt really think you can improve it by hard resetting the unit... itīs just too low, save the trouble.
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    The 750v is MUCH better than the 680 as a phone. In my mind, the improvement of the 680 over the 650 is very marginal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Globetrotter View Post
    The 750v is MUCH better than the 680 as a phone. In my mind, the improvement of the 680 over the 650 is very marginal.
    Agree!! Phone reception is a little better but soundquality is almost the same.....even the low volume I absolutely don't understand the reviews saying volume is much louder.....definitely not in my case. The speakerphone hardely usable. I'm still going to need Volumecare.
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    I really think it blew my speakers
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    No offense but maybe some of you need to see a doctor. I have the 750 and the 680. I think the 750 might have a little louder earpiece volume while the 680 has a much louder back speaker. The 680 back speaker is actually too loud for me at minimum volume. I just can't see how anyone can say the earpiece volume on the 750 is too low. It's better than some top of the line Motorolas and Nokias I've tried. I do think the 650 GSM unlocked earpiece volume was too soft but not the 750 at all. The 680 is still much better than the 650.
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    Clearly some of you are having issues with the phone. Some devices will be different for some users. I on the other hand am very pleased with the 680's performance. I have had this phone for just about two weeks now, it's getting better and better for me.

    The speaker is loud on my device. The battery is breaking in nicely. Been pushing email and data with it all day, and I am at 79% after almost 10 hours of use. I have nothing negative to say about this phone.

    Give it some time folks.
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    I'm a newbie here (in "Treo world"), but I've had many different types of smartphones over the last several years. And from what I've been reading in this forum, I think that too many vetran users here have gone ahead and installed all their old 600 and 650 programs to their new 680s and the result has been all kinds of different problems with the phone.

    If you go over to Handango, you'll notice that most of the programs for the 650 are not available yet for the 680. This is the place that sells the programs telling you that they do not work with the 680. So then what is the result if you install these older programs on the 680? Who knows! But most likely the results will be unpredictable.

    If it were me who was upgrading from a 650 to a 680, I would email each and every vendor and ask if the old program is compatible. Most of them will probably tell you that you need a new version. If any of the vendors are no longer in business, I simply would not use that program at all.

    Palm is a full operating system, and each and every program integrates with the entire OS. It is not like they all just stay in their own corner of the phone. So there is no way to predict what problems could be caused by one bad program, or perhaps many bad programs. The program itself could be working fine, but at the same time could be causing other problems. And sometimes removing the program will not even correct the problem without doing a full hard reset.
  13. Nuffsed
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    - - but the hard reset definately seems to have resolved this issue for me. My factory fresh vigin machine had a speakerphone issue, and now it doesn't: the speakerphone is 'ante resetium' perfectly functional

    So my first day with my new 680 baby. IMO? it rocks; it's running on pure cool fuel! Yeah baby - it's my new mojo, baby!
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    One more vote for 680. My speaker phone is also louder and clearer than my 650, too.

    But it would be a nightmare to think of if some 3rd party software is limiting the speaker phone volumn on some other member's phone...
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    I've done extensive testing with this puppy since I got it. I love the phone in --ALMOST-- every possible way, but I upgraded from a Treo 600 which had a speakerphone that was much louder and clearer than this unit has. I have noticed that the problem is isolated to the speakerphone function, because the speaker works great when playing ringtones or tunes or games or anything else the speaker is used for. I've also noticed that if I mute the microphone during a speakerphone call, the speakerphone works much better. I think the microphone is picking up the speaker and some how attenuating the speaker volume to compensate, causing a sort of up and down drop out to occur.

    Based on this thread, it appears not everyone is having the problem, so I'll be contacting Palm for a replacement unit, as the speakerphone function is something I use all the time and it's very important to me.
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    Not trying to be a wise guy, but are the folks who think the speakerphone is too quiet lying the phone down on its back? The speakerphone sound comes out of the back, and I noticed that if you lay the 680 on a table on its back, the speakerphone is barely audible. Flip it over, and its far louder than my 650.
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    ...we know where the speaker is.

    On my 680, the first thing both my wife and I said was, "hey, you can barely hear the speaker."

    We would often get on "conference" calls with family on my Treo 600. A familiar sight would be she or I holding the Treo up in front of us, with the back of it facing us, and carrying on a conversation with whomever.

    Make no mistake, there's a problem with the speakerphone on some of these units.

    Amazing how people who aren't having a problem seem to disbelieve the people who actually are having a problem. Why's it hard to believe? What's the threat? Electronic gadgets this complex are bound to have some design and production problems, no matter how great the product is. Palm's not immune, no company is. Maybe the disbelievers just think everyone's clueless but themselves. Strange phenomenon.

    As I said, it appears that the mic is attenuating the speaker, as it goes in and out, but mostly out. Mute the mic, it's better. Again, since not everyone is having the problem (common with these sorts of issues), then maybe there was a bad production run or different parts used in some of them?

    FYI, mine's the Artic color.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    I really think it blew my speakers
    Please do not take offense at this but VolumeCare can not blow your speakers. The user is in complete control over the volume settings - with or without VolumeCare. VolumeCare just releases the hidden volume that is hidden in the Treo. It adds nothing that was not already in the device.

    There have been many threads talking about speaker failure in Treos and the majority of the people reporting the problems never had VolumeCare on their device. Yes it is possible to damage a speaker - any speaker. Just becuase VolumeCare provides a increases in volume, does not mean that you should use all of that increase in excess. There are warnings built in to VolumeCare that will notify the user when you may be over driving the speaker. But the data I have seen from over 100,000 installations is that less than .001% of speakers are failing. That is a very very small number. That number is probably equal to the predicted failure rate of the speaker itself. So the data does indicate that VolumeCare is a very safe and useful application.

    Lastly, the majority of what people are thinking is speaker failure actually turns out to be the Treo's headset jack experiencing a hardware failure. When the Treo's headset jack fails, it causes some or all of the Treo's internal speakers to stop working. This jack failure is a very common hardware failure on the Treo's today. Much more common than speakers themselves failing.

    So I felt I needed to provide some feedback on this topic. I am sorry you suffered 2 device failures. I would like to speak to you about this if you have a few minutes. Could you contact me at:support AT and provide me with your phone number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgibson View Post
    ... VolumeCare can not blow your speakers. ...
    ... Yes it is possible to damage a speaker .... Just becuase VolumeCare provides a increases in volume, does not mean that you should use all of that increase in excess. ... [Y]ou may be over driving the speaker. ...
    Please don't be offended but I find that inconsistent. Apparently, VolumeCare CAN blow your speakers, according to what you say, if you "use all of that increase in excess."

    I think what you mean to say is VolumeCare SHOULD not blow your speakers, not that it "can not" blow your speakers. But I'll send you an email as you suggest.
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    Alright folks, some of you need to remove the enormous chip from your shoulder. It seems clear that some people are having a problem that others are not having. Is that uncommon? If it were, this forum would not exist.

    I haven't loaded any software on the device that was not included on the CDs. I guess the Yahoo! app could be doing something, but I don't think Palm would've included it without thoroughly testing it on the device. I think one of the posters above had a good point with the idea that the mic might be causing the problem, I don't know. But I do know that the speakerphone on my Arctic 680 doesn't work very well. The ringer is really loud, and so is music played through the speaker, but I can't use the speakerphone in my car without holding it right up next to my ear . . . which pretty much makes it useless to me. Could it be a problem on the Arctics only? Doesn't seem likely, but who knows.

    Regardless, some of you should drop the "what's wrong with you people" crap. Nothing is perfect, and there are usually problems that arise with new devices. This seems to be a problem for some.
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