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    I see there is a software thread... How about one for hardware/accessories?

    I have found the following:

    Seidio G4850M GPS cradle - Works for charging and GPS. Audio in/out and speakerphone do not work. Also, cannot use Bluetooth headset when in cradle. This kind of kills the functionality of the G4850M, unless you don't need to use the phone while driving, and just want the GPS.

    Dock n' Talk (firmware version .86) with BT module - Cannot maintain a connection to the 680. Not sure if this is due to the Dock'n'Talk, or due to the 680 not allowing you to specifically identify it as a "Car Kit" rather than just a Headset. (In the 650, you could choose this when configuring). E-mailed Phonelabs support, waiting for reply...

    Thirdparty cables/cradles - All work fine.
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    You might try the Xlink Gateway. It's similar to the Dock-n-talk but is designed specifically for Blue tooth phones and it operates without an external module. I test product for lots of companies and this one is pretty slick.

    xlink gateway


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