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    Anyone try this? I just set up a trade for my ancient Jornada 720 and my beat up old Treo 650, and am getting $150 towards the new Treo 680! I ordered a Crimson 680 and will probably get a nice tan leather case for it. Can't wait to see how this new Treo works out... it will be my fourth one, I've had the 270, 600 and 650.
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    Wow... Jornada. That's a name I haven't heard in a looong time. Used to work for HP. Used a Jornada 820 (VGA display, full-size keyboard, WinCE 2) and really liked it. Oh the days.

    I've signed up for the trade-up, but am only trading my 650 ($125). I've read cautions about such programs from the past -- mostly that you have to keep on them about making sure you get your refund in the timeframe they promise. But I'm hopeful I won't get too bad a runaround. I surprised myself and actually kept all the original box and materials for my old device. Pack Rats unite!

    It will be interesting to hear and share whether this trade-up program actually delivers on the goods. Heck, by the time that happens, I'll have worn in my 680 very nicely.

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