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    I received my unlocked Arctic 680 today and was dismayed to hear a crackling static-like sound coming from the earpiece. It sounds like a geiger counter, increasing and decreasing in loudness, sometimes stopping for a second and resuming. It's loud enough to hear from several feet away in a quiet room.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    More details:
    - Noise is heard whenever the 680 is on, even with phone off, SIM card removed.
    - Only comes from the earpiece, not from bluetooth headset or speakerphone.
    - Noise continues for 10 seconds after screen is turned off via red power button.
    - On a call, the other party doesn't hear the noise.
    - Doesn't interfere with operation of the 680. It's just very annoying.

    I ran the battery down to zero, did a full recharge, did a soft reset several times, and the noise is still there.

    Sounds like a problem specifically with the earpiece audio amp circuit. I probably need to exchange the unit. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather keep this one if I could.

    Thanks in advance!
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    All better now. The only thing I did was sync. (I upgraded from an ancient 600 to the 680.) I was reluctant to sync to the new device if it was going to make that noise. But Palm's exchange policy grants you 30 days from ship date so I did it anyway.

    I have no explanation for why syncing fixed the problem. So, anyway, if someone has the static/crackling noise problem, syncing seems to be the fix.

    Very weird. But hey, I'm happy now!

    The 680 is so much better than my old 600 that it's not even funny.
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    I'm just noticing this problem as well. It's a very annoying hissing problem while my phone is just on and not making any call. But as I sit next to my phone and recieve a text message I can hear my phone hissing at me.

    I've synched the phone previously and have had it for about 2 weeks.

    Any suggestions?

    Trenoid did is your problem still resolved?

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