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    What if the buddy already exist? Then how to you create a new group and add them?
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    I think as taroliw described, remove/delete them from their existing group and readd to a different/new group.
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    Two things-

    1. I would like to edit/delete/create the status messages. Is this possible?

    2. Already mentioned above but would like to be able to change a buddy's group without having to delete then add again.
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    Custom Status messages option allows you to create new status message, you can also edit an existing custom status message by selecting it. An “Add Status” form is displayed – enter your new custom status and click “OK” to save it and change to the new status.

    When you have to change to that status, just click on the newly added status message from the popup list – it pops up the “Edit Status” form where u can edit/delete the status and by selecting “OK” your IM status is set to the custom status message

    An existing buddy cannot be moved from one group to another. As Taroliw described, delete the existing buddy details and add to another group.
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    Where exactly is it where I can do custom status msg.'s I can't find this anywhere.
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    I have no idea what mantra support is talking about. I've *never* seen anything in Causerie about custom status. Maybe this is in one of those super-secret, coming-soon development builds? Closest I can find in current application is "Auto Reply".
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    Yeah, me either
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    bokaplan: Highlight the IM account type in the buddy list and tap “Change Status” option from the top menu. Select Custom Status message option
    in the end of list and enter status message. After creating, you can select
    the custom message from the popup list and even you can edit.
    I apologize if I am mistaken, Please tell us what you need to change.
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    Don't see any "Custom Status" message option...only the default statuses...
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    Uh, the description of the process doesn't make any sense. There is no "Change Status" menu option. Instead, you tap on the icon or list entry for the IM service you want to change status for (would be nice if there was a global status option or all of them at once, as I'm usually connected to 4).

    But, like scottymomo, I see no option in the pop-up list of statuses labeled "Custom Status". Mind you, I have the standard and not the "premiere" version of the product... could that be the reason? I even went to the website and notice that the status change pop-ups they show there don't have a "Custome Status" entry in them.

    I'm in Live Chat with support now... I'll post back if I learn anything interesting.
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    Well, at least I can confirm the process that was described. Change the buddy list view to something that shows your IM service names in the tree. Use the 5-way to navigate to the service name (don't tap). Now hit the menu key and you will see a "Change Status..." menu item under "Options".

    Mind you, I find it easier to just tap on the IM service icon in the top bar and not change my buddy list view.

    But something I've confirmed in talking live with support is that "Custom Status" only appears for Yahoo. I guess the other IM providers (or the gateway?) don't support custom status.
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    grrrr... Well, it seems that Custom Status... doesn't appear in Yahoo list if you tap the service icon. Only if you use the menu option method. Do I sense an enhancement request coming? But then I find myself wondering "why bother?" Maybe I'm just becoming jaded....
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    I apologize I missed the detail that custom status message option
    can be set for yahoo account as Yahoo supports.
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    Interesting news. Seeing a lot postings on the MantraGroup forums that a new release is due within a week or two. Could it be? Let's hope!
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    Download latest Causerie 3.2.5 version with SMS and Always On Optimizations
    update from the below link:
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    Any clues (release notes) as to what these optimizations are, exactly?
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    The SMS feature has broken down in previous version and in the new version it has been fixed. The Always On feature has been more optimized to remain connected when causerie is running in background mode.
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