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    this is a x-post with the 680 hardware forum. i didn't realize this forum was here, and figured it would be a better place to ask my question.
    i'm moving from a treo 650 to a 680. i currently have palm desktop and outlook installed on my pc. i recently installed outlook when i began using a blackjack, and subsequently "touched up" my address book by retyping every contact into the outlook contacts with uniform name formats, correct mobile/work numbers, a few email addresses, etc.

    would i be best off doing a final 650 sync, uninstalling the palm desktop software, and installing the 680 software (and choosing to sync with outlook), in effect "starting fresh?" i'm not concerned about transferring software, appointments, contacts, etc. from my current palm desktop application; i'm more interested in being able to transfer my contacts from outlook to the 680. would i still need to rename the palm backup folder after uninstalling the software, or would the uninstall remove all traces?

    i understand that if i want to sync pictures/videos, they will still be sync'd with the palm desktop software. but i plan on maintaining my contacts, tasks, appointments, etc. with outlook. am i on the right track?

    edit: cleared up my question a bit.
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    well after giving myself a crash course in comma seperated values, and an hour's worth of trial and error, i think i have managed to export my clean and tidy contacts list from outlook over to palm desktop (for my treo 650).

    honestly, it was a royal pain in the ****. but much easier than re-typing all 300+ of them. i still had issues getting the email addresses transferred, as the palm desktop software wanted to interpret them as work phone numbers, no matter how i set up the csv import/export settings. i just had to manually fix those contacts for which i had email addresses assigned, which was less than 20 or so. this process also involved completely deleting the prior contacts list, and choosing not to archive. i then changed the sync settings to "desktop overwrites handheld," performed a sync, and my super-duper contacts list was sent over to my treo. mission accomplished

    now i should be safe to follow the directions at the beginning of this thread when my 680 arrives tomorrow. here's to hoping my cd works

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