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    Just on a side note...went to Palm's site and saw that they no longer offer the treo 650 which was imminent based on how high they priced it unlicked vs the 680! Guess it's in line with the thread showing Premier also not supporting ti further
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    This most likely signals the end of any ROM updates for our beloved 650s.
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    Wasn't there also something in that interview that Treocentral posted about the smaller memory components no longer being available? In fact, that's the only reason why the 680 has more memory than the 650 did. So they couldn't make 650s at this point if they wanted to.
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    Makes sense. Have you tried to buy a hard drive with less than 40Gig these days?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercoffee1 View Post
    Makes sense. Have you tried to buy a hard drive with less than 40Gig these days?
    ... which makes it all the more painful to point out that the 650 is still available on the Canadian Palm site
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    This wouldn't be too bad if they had fixed the lag and other problems on the 700P... and am I correct in reading that there may be lags with the 680's as well??? Many of us on CDMA are hesitant to "upgrade" to a 700P (or GSM'ers reluctant to go to a 680) until these problems are fixed. If our beloved 650 fails, what do we do? I wonder if ebay will be the best way to buy a back-up 650?
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