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    I'm about to get a new Treo 680, and while browsing through the available software on Handango I noticed this:

    JSJ Antivirus

    It seems fairly popular with over 38,000 downloads. Is there any reason to have this other than piece of mind? Are there even any viruses out there for POS?

    I find it funny that one of the customer reviews says:

    "Since installing JSJ Antivirus, I haven't gotten any viruses on my handheld. It really work well. I'm very impressed!"

    I've never gotten a virus on any of my phones either. Is this really something that's necessary or is this only for the paranoid?
  2. #2 that you mention it...I suspect any piece of software that calls itself an operating system needs antivirus software esp if you use the net with it! I'll def. think about it now....
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    Not meant as a challenge to the talented but... there has not been a virus on Palm OS to date. There was once an unintended trojan created by a gameboy emulator software house but it was easily removed.

    Unless you want to spend the money, keep it in your wallet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poryphyron View Post
    Unless you want to spend the money, keep it in your wallet.

    That's what I figured.
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    With the instability of the 700p, can you imagine how bad it would be with VIRII? :shudder:
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