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    I was wondering if anyone was having trouble downloading attachments on their 680 using AOL's app and if so did you figure out how to fix the problem? Thanks.

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    While I don't have the app yet (or even a Treo yet), I've been planning to get this app when I get my 680. And from what I have read, it doesn't do attachments at all.

    Unfortunately it doesn't appear that there is one single "all-in-one" solution for AOL mail. The regular email programs that use the IMAP access seem to mess things up when it comes to deleting email -- the deleted mail shows up in the Inbox again after you delete it.

    So this is the solution I came up with:

    I'm going to use both Versamail and AOL 3.3.

    Versamail can poll the account and alert me when there is a new email. Then I will use AOL to read, reply and manage my emails. When I happen to receive an attachment, or when I need to send an attachment, I will do it from Versamail. This seems to be the best solution I can come up with, but I haven't actually done it yet, so I will have to see how it works out.

    Just a question: have you used AOL 3.3 for IM purposes? If so, how well does it work? Some of the reviews I read on Handango said it disconnects whenever the screen goes into standby, but then others said it was fine. How well do you find that it works? Are you able to stay signed on when the phone is in standby mode and in your pocket? And if you have the phone in silient mode, will it vibrate when you get a new message?
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    I am actually asking this question for a customer. I use the 700W (I know I know The palm gods are cursing me as we speak)

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