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    I have repeatedly tried to download the agendus pro trial version and every time I install it, I get a memory error, is this an issue with my treo 650 or an issue with the file I download.

    FYI, I have downloaded from multiple sites and multiple methods with the same result.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Thank you
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    How much free ram do you have?

    And how are you installing it?
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    I have 2.7M free, I have tried installing by Hotsync, downloading from Blazer directly to phone, and by have the download link SMS'd to my phone. I get the same "memory error, file not installed" every time.
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    Memory requirements: 1500 KB of free space (2.5 MB during installation).

    Cutting it pretty close.. I bet you're running out of ram. Thus the "memory error" ?
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    Thanks much for the suggestions. However, I emailed Iambic's tech support and they immediately emailed me back with a "stripped down" version of Agendus Pro. The tech support person said that the installers packaged with Agendus sometimes cause that error. I downloaded and installed the "stripped" version with no problem and it works flawlessly, so far.

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