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    Sorry if this is a duplicate, just excited that I received my 680 even though there was a mix-up in my billing information. OK, I guess I have something to play with today. brb
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    Have you checked to see if your credit card was billed?
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    They billed it on Friday when there was a mix-up with the address on my billing information. They tried to bill it on Thursday a few times, and BofA flagged it thinking it was a fraudulent transaction. I had to call and striaghten things out. The funny thing is, my order statues page has not updated the tracking information. It right before the package arrived it stated "no tracking information is available."
    We are all dead, we just don't know it yet.
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    congrats man..happy treo-ing
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    Mine is here too! Crimson here I come! I'm glad I didn't get the graphite...
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    Congrats kids. Enjoy your Treo's.

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