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    Quote Originally Posted by MATTREID View Post
    I Have Just Completed Shaving My Antenna. I Have Been Using An Internal Dipole Antenna For About A Week With Great Reception. If Anyone Is Interested In Seeing How I Did This Let Me Know As I Have Several Pics Of The Process. I Have Been Experimenting With Different Internal Antenna Designs For About A Month With Mixed Results. I Was So Pleased With This New Design I Actually Filled The Factory Antenna Mounting Hole.
    I would be interested. Particulary in details of your internal dipole antenna.
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    I Had Been Wanting To Come Up With An Internal Antenna That Worked As Good Or Better Than The Original. I Tried Several Ways Inlcuding Using The Original “element” Inside The Case. I Also Tried A Piece Of Very Fine Wire Zig Zagged Back And Forth Glued To The Middle Housing Piece And Soldered To The Single Antenna Contact. This Got Ok Reception But Was Very Sensitive To How The Phone Was Held, (verticaly/ Horisontaly Ect. I Then Came Across Spymongoose’s External Dipole “spy” Antenna Shown On Shadowmites Website. I Wondered If You Soldered Wires Directly To The External Antenna Jack And Kept The Antenna Inside The Case If That Would Work.
    After Being Inspired By Ishtob’s Work On His Case (good Work By The Way), I Decided To Give It A Go. I First Removed The Antenna Jack . I Then Soldered 4 Pieces Of Wire About 3 Inches Long (scavenged From An Old Pair Of Headphones) To Each Terminal Of The Jack. I Ran Wires Down About 1 Inch And Shielded Them Using Shielding Cut From An Old Coax Cable, And Insulated That With Heatshrink Tubing. That Is The White And Burned Looking Tube In The Pictures. I Then Ran One “pole” Of The Antenna Up And One Down, After Which I Cut The Poles To The Correct Length, Which Is About 1 5/8”. My Network Is Gsm And Runs 850 And 1900 Mhz. That Length Is Actually For 1900 But Seems To Work Very Well Over All.
    As I Said The Actual Specs For The Antenna Came From All The Hard Work And Time Spymongoose Put Into His Antenna. I Would Recommend Checking Out His Post On The Subject On Shadowmites Site.
    In Case Anyone Was Wondering The “signal Booster” In The Pics Under The Battery Tray Was A Previous Experiment. The Booster Worked Maybe A Little, With The Factory Antenna.
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    why did u put caps on every front letter?

    reception any better? or the same? maybe you can post that guys thread. and also post where u got the stuff you used.
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    Sorry I am on my computer at work and all the typing I do at work is all in caps, so I suppose I just didn't think about it.
    Reception has been the same as stock. I was hoping to improve reception but unfortunatly it seems to be the same as stock. maybe with some tuning this can be improved
    All of the things I used you can get at any Radio Shack
    here is the link for the SPY antenna.[URL=""]
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    and what exactly did you use?
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    Look at pics and reread my original post it explains everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ishtob View Post
    alrite.... got the sanding and spraying done, i've decided to go for the oragne 680 look, so im going to keep the silver part on the phone, since blue is almost opposite to orange, it's goign to make a nice contrast.... and erm.. yea, i used the Krylon's Fusion spray, which is made for plastic so didnt need to precoat and finish coat... i did sand the housing down a bit so it would adhere better... here's the photos:

    i'm very pleased to see that the epoxy putty did not do any weird melting/ reacting with the spray... but it's sitll a bit too early to be sure.. i'll keep you guys posted on what happens after it is dried... that will be in a few weeks, i'll start looking into the internal antenna mod... and for parts

    any suggestions would be nice at tims point... because the idea of using the signal booster is going to scratched.. it's more like a piece of sticker with disconnected pieces of metal foils on it... wont make a nice antenna... so rite nwo either use the green thing that zoti uses on his awesome short antennas... or i ahve to figure something else out.

    So are you finished? Post some pics
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    Any updates? This is a great thread
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    Yeah, needs to be updated! I wanna do something like the orange Treo, as I have a spare 650 lying around now with an ugly housing. That, or do a bit more work and throw it in a 700 housing with a shaved antenna piece...hmm...
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