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    PictureDial by Toysoft (gasp!) overlayed the favorites on the 650 with a ribb
    on of photo contacts to dial and apps to launch. If they/he was smart, he'd find some way to do that on the Home screen on the 680 to take up that extra room...I'm beta'ing DialByPhoto and do like it better then PictureDial though (still on a 650 btw, waiting for the 750w)
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    Maybe Palm intends that developers add value to this screen, like what is done with the Today screen on WM. Any developers out there know if a new API has been defined to add content to this screen?

    If so, that would be exciting.
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    Anybody checked out TakePhone ( It addresses mosr, if not all, of the concerns you all have expressed with the 680's phone app.

    I used it on my 650 and I've been using version 7.0 on my 700p and love it.

    Check it out
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