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    I just upgraded the ptunes that was pre-installed on my 700p to the deluxe version. I read, can't remember where now, that the deluxe version is also capable of playing internet radio. However, when I select a station from Radioio or 365, it still seems to be hard-wired to blazer's player. I've tried looking for a place to put a url directly into a ptune user-created playlist, but can't figure how to do that. How can I excuse blazer's player and have ptunes deluxe carry this duty?

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    Use Shoutcast instead, it's free.
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    You know, I've heard a lot about Shoutcast and had planned on exploring my way though it. But first I wanted to get through this question and nail this so that all of my audio stuff would come through ptunes instead of blazer's Kinoma player. I was hoping to find somewhere on the 700p some helper options where you could set the which application a particular file formats or extention name would fire up. But no luck. There's got to be something tying mp3's and all media file formats to Kinoma,... I just can't find it.
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    I second shoutcast. You don't need to install anything. Just browse the thousands of stations (sorting by an appropriate bandwidth for your connection) and you will get a ton of free mp3 streams that will open with ptunes. I run my own shoutcast station. Have for a few years now. It's a great resource that never caught the public's eye. Now that everything is iThis or pod-that, shoutcast doesn't get as much mention, but it's honestly one of the things I like best about my treo. Now I can listen in my car and not just on my computer.
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    Adopting Shoutcast is not my problem. I visited it this morning. My problem is getting it to play threw ptunes and not the Kinoma player embedded in Blazer. The only things I've been able to play through ptunes delux are the mp3 and WMA files I've loaded onto my 2GB card. I'm trying desparately to figure out how to play 365, radioio AND Shoutcast using ptunes!
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    Here's the way it works for me on my 700p...I have the newest version (3.18) of PTunes Deluxe, and whenever I click on a streaming MP3 link in Blazer (usually, Internet Radio, or, the Kinoma player window appears within Blazer with an option to "Open Pocket Tunes". Then if I choose that option, the radio stream will play in PTunes instead of in Kinoma/Blazer. At that point I usually bookmark the radio station in PT so I can listen to it again whenever I like without having to locate it on the Internet again.

    Hope that helps.
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    Open up Pocket Tunes
    Hit Menu Button and B -----------> background prefs
    make sure the check mark is set to show console when launched from other applications.

    Probably not your issue, but lets check anyway.
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    Okay cool! i just installed Ptunes deluxe! I'm listeing to some weird thing from

    i don't like going to though, its not formatted to really fit my screen! i'd rather have a non graphical list of places to go...which is what the bookmark folder will look like when i fill it out. is there a mobile version of shoutcast?
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    If the above player in the image is what you are referring to as Kinoma, you are incorrect, that's the console for PTunes. The option to Open Pocket Tunes takes you from out of the console and into the full application. If ya don't like for it to show the console, then go to Background Preferences in Pocket Tunes and uncheck "Show console when launched from other applications". If you launch a shoutcast stream with it setup this way, the stream will play in PTunes, but your Treo will stay on the web site you started the stream from. You'll have to go to the App launcher and then launch PTunes.
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