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    So I decided to set up the activesync and it seemed to go ok.

    I did notice that in my contacts, any of the "other" numbers are not being synced over. I've been doing some searching but I haven't found anything on it yet.

    Anyone else seen this? Any known fix?
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    I had the same problem. I tried several things to fix and it did not work. I right now i am not using Active Sync. Have you figured out how to fix it yet?
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    Well, I attepted synchronization with Active Sync on the 680. I posted in another thread that it was somewhat problematic. There were duplications on the Exchange Server that took me hours to clean up.

    Some have been successul with it though. Here's the bottom line: Palm's licensing of ActiveSync is good insofar as it helps enterprise users. However, its implementation with the Palm OS is not very good. There are some limitations:

    1. Category Limitations
    2. Folders in Inbox limitations
    3. Limited Fields actually synchronized

    So, for what's it worth, the device is very nice. But, it would not work for me. I will have to stick with a Windows Mobile device.

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