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    I am wondering if the 750 people are having similar battery issues?
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    An update:

    Last night it took me 3 hours to take my battery from 19% to dead. In fact it was literally stuck on 5% for an hour. This was with ptunes playing music on the speaker and my constantly surfing the web. WOW!!! Much stronger in week 2.

    I'm more and more conviced it's a combination of conditioning the battery and the battery meter. Plus, in my case, disconnecting from t-zones when not in use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie View Post
    I am wondering if the 750 people are having similar battery issues?
    Nope. No battery issues with my 750v.
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    Well, I did another full discharge yesterday (my 2nd full discharge) and charged it up to full last night, and today the battery life is amazing. I took it off the charge last night around midnight, and it's almost 4pm and still showing 88%. I don't have any kind of push email going, but still that is much better than it was 5 days ago when I first got the phone, and even quite a bit better than it was after my first full discharge. I think I'm going to do a couple more full discharges until the battery life levels off.
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    I exchanged my original 680 at the Cingular store last night, put it on the charger all night and took it off around 7 am this morning. It is now 4:06 pm and I have 82% left. Normally by this time I would be at 20% or so. I only use the phone for email (active sync every 5 minutes) texting (5 so far today) and moderate web surfing. I have been traveling all day in and out of cell areas so a higher than normal drain on the battery. I am hoping this is what I can look forward to.
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    I've been having similar experiences as well. After two weeks, my battery meter has improved significantly; I used to be down to around 40% by the time I got home from work, and the past day or two it's been hovering around 80%
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    I'm beginning to loose the overnight power drain. Went to bed with 85% and woke up with 83%. The previous night I lost 10% and before then would easily loose over 15%.

    I did do the "battery reset" two nights ago and that might have helped. I can't say that I've seen a rechargeable battery take so long to get conditioned and have so much fluctuation.

    I wonder how long it will take before Palm admits the weakness and A) releases a firmware update or B) has a battery recall.
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    Still not seeing the love after 3 deep cycles, all the "reset" "fixes". Has only been 6d and 12 hours that I've had the thing though

    62% after 7.5 hours off charger, light use and 20 minutes of phone call.

    I'm betting on bad batteries. Samsung seems like the "good life" battery, and those of us with 6Axx batteries are getting the shaft.

    Crimson™Waiting for Battery Fixes to buy again...
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    Another update.

    After 2 complete discharges my power useage had dropped to 4% and hour which is exactly half of what I was getting yesterday. Everything else is the same, so it's going pretty well.
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    This thread seems consistent with my experience so far.
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    What I find interesting is how much time people are getting off the battery after being < 10%. Is there a way to adjust the meter nag? I may just have to try running it to dead and see what happens after a recharge. Don't know where the issue is, but I sure do hope that a fix is in the works.

    I have enough chargers scattered around that I can keep topping it off, so it hadn't been a huge issue. But I would like to be able to trust the meter.
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    Ok, so 6 1/2 hours now and it's still at 88%. Same setup as yesterday but fewer calls. It's like night and day from yesterday. The battery drain rate has slowed even more as the day is progressing.

    Boy, if these results are repeatable then it seems battery life is NOT an issue for me. We'll see................
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    Update: I took it off the charger last night at Midnight, it stayed on standby (phone on) all night. Today I didn't use it much during the morning, but this afternoon I sent and received about 15 text messages, had one phone call for 5 minutes, browsed the web for about 20 minutes, and spent about 15 minutes messing with the settings. It's now 6:30pm and my battery is at 67%.

    I'm now thinking that even with heavy use it will last at least a day. The question is whether or not it will make it two days. I'm thinking 2 days may be borderline, but at least I know that it can do a solid full day of heavy use, which makes it fine for me.
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    Okay..... 10 1/2 hours now off charge and the battery is at 78%.

    So, for me 2 deep discharge cycles until the 680 shut itself off has conditioned the battery and battery meter to give me very acceptable normal 4 days of operation battery life. Smiles in a big way.......

    Before this, down to about 19% after 8 to 10 hours. HUGE difference.

    Don't know if this is the answer but it's working for me.
    Unlocked Treo firmware 1.50
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    Much better battery performance now. Still not stellar, but that's life.

    Used to lose 8% per hour. Now it's down to about 2%.
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    Originally Posted by jcatan
    The only difference is the SIMS. My phone is the one that drains quickly. I swapped SIMs between the phones. The one with my SIM in it drains more quickly regardless of which phone it's in. We both use TMobile. I'm going tomorrow to see if I can get a replacement SIM and see it that makes any difference. I have no clue why the SIM would make a difference, but it seems to on our phones.

    Hey jcatan, are both the SIM cards 3G cards or is one 2.5G? I have a 3G SIM card and battery drain is quite bad. Perhaps using a 3G SIM card in a non-3G phone causes the drain as the SIM is perhaps telling the phone to keep looking for a 3G network?
    Hi All,
    New here but not to Palm. Have a T3 and have had 4 Palm 650 Treos ( all malfunctioning) through Cingular - and now am on my second treo680 all these phones since MAY '06!

    Am I patient? Yes. Perservering? Yes. Getting disgusted? Yes. WHile I had issues with the 650 Keyboard, power cycling, reception, voice clarity/volume, and core software one thing I never had was an issue with battery life!

    Ten days ago I went to Cingular for a last ditch effort to get the 650 working and they installed a new 3g sim card. No change in reception or ability to hold or connect calls.

    Contacted warranty dept and they decided to ship me either a windows 8125 or the palm 680. Since I paid for a palm in May, and have purchased palm programs, I agreed to the 680.

    I get it and guess what? Keyboard issues, power cylcing issues, battery drains like a bathtub but HEY voice clarity is phenomenal and so isn't the volume! Now I had Techsounds5 loaded and had it set to indicate audibly when the network connected and disconnected. Which the signal went off consistently in intervals of around every 10 to 15 minutes. SO I guess the phone is constantly searching for a network?

    Called warranty and Cingular shipped me another 680 based on the amount of times the device kept power cycling. (Once even during a tech help call!)

    So now I have the second treo 680 in 3 days and the 6th Palm Treo in 6 months! What gives? <y T3 has been a wonderful device and was why I wanted to get a Treo!

    Anyway, the Treo 650 battery will work well in the 680 (except for fit - but stuffed in the case I have I was at least able to use it for the day), yet DOES get drained a lot faster than it did in the 650. So far I have only gotten 7 hours of combined use from the 680 battery (combined meaning, standby and voice calls) - I had the data plan turned off due to the 650's horrendous reception and ability to maintain connection. Whenthe battery gets down to the 50% mark, I have been turning on Ptunes in order to drain it completely ( after reading a few posts here). After a full night of charge the new 680 battery registered only 90% full, while the used 680 battery registered 95% and the Treo 650 registered 99%!

    I am wondering about this post regarding the 3g sim card? The Treo 650 hardly ever gave me an audible signal of connecting to the network.

    I have everything turned off that defaulted to automatic and only have the screen at 50%.

    I really think its absurd that Palm shortchanged this device with a less than adequate battery. I am encouraged that some people are having better luck with usage times, but think its rediculous to have to jump through this many hoops to get there!

    So far this second 680 has performed well as a device but then again I haven't loaded any of my programs, and neither did I hotsync it as the original device I.D, which meant I had to bluetooth all my contacts and scheduling and other infor from the first 680.

    The warr. tech guy told me to leave my bluetooth off, and turn the phone off to extend battery life! Ummm well yeah - sure - if all I wanted was another PDA! But I paid for a SMARTphone - as in PDA WITH PHONE!

    Technology really does make our life easier does it not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgewizard View Post
    Now I had Techsounds5 loaded and had it set to indicate audibly when the network connected and disconnected. Which the signal went off consistently in intervals of around every 10 to 15 minutes. SO I guess the phone is constantly searching for a network?
    My GPRS connection is dropped every 10 minutes, I have good signal strength (3-4 bars) at all times, as far as I know. I have seached everywhere for an option on my treo that is causing this, but have yet to find anything. All this disconnection/connection must be contributing to my battery life of 10 hours max, with very little voice calls (~5 mins per day)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattM2G View Post
    Ok, I must insist that there really is hope for you all if you have patience!!
    I have a confession to make, Matt ... I didn't believe you. Well, at least I didn't believe you would end up being right. But...

    I'm getting much better performance from my battery now. Nowhere near the advertized 300 standby hours, but probably good enough for me to decide to keep my 680. I do love this phone.
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    My battery life continues to get better every day. I've now made it 24 hours and it's' down to 68%, which means I'm not even going to charge it tonight as I'm sure I can make it one more day.
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    Things are looking up. I did my second "battery reset" this past monday.

    I'm now able to go 48 hours without having to charge the 680. My battery level goes down to about 45% by then with light to moderate use.

    I recieved my 680 on the 28th of November. I have never seen a battery take this long to be "conditioned".

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