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    Does anyone else have problems with the 680 reseting after every hotsync with the NEW software? (The old hotsync software is fine.)
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    I had some issues with reseting after hotsyncing but not everytime. It seemed as if it was after either loading new apps or adding docs. Ok day so far...
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    No problem(s) here. I used to turn off the phone before hot syncing, since I would get a reset while hot syncing if I receibed a call while syncing. Tonight my phone rang while syncing and the Treo sent the call to VM and continued syncing fine.
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    Well, it happened again. Just a regular hotsync then pressed the home key button right after the sync was finished and RESET. I had this happen 3-4 times yesterday and this was the first today.
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    If you upgraded, did you do a CLEAN Upgrade, or did you just sync and bring over preferences and other things pertinent to your former Treo?
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    Clean upgrade with only a few apps added (latest versions)

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    I've seen this also including my initial hotsync. I'm not sure it's reset after adding any software, but now that I think about it seems close. It's resetting even when using Missing Sync, not the Palm software so it seems to be something with the device. I've seen it reset with both bluetooth and USB.

    Not very impressed with stability on the 680, I've seen several resets so far with only the minimal apps I need on it.
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    Yeah, I've seen this too. Seems to be a corrupt Pref File. If I reload my pref files from the morning Card Backup it clears up.

    Xpressmail has been overly heinous with Pref corruption on the 680 for me
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    I don't understand. Should I delete a certain pref file?
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    I have had one of these at least once a day after a hotsync!!!!!!!!!!!

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