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    I yanked my stylus out today and the metal part stayed in the unit. It tokk a little work, but I git it out. A dab of superglue may be a good idea.
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    I'll just buy a new fully solid (whether it's all plastic or all metal) stylus when they're available.
    Though I would prefer a metal stylus.
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    Hmm, from the demo I have seen, they do seem kinda flimsey. Good to know once I get one. Thanks for the FYI!!!
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    I purchased a 3-pack of the pen/styli. Hopefully, this isn't an issue with them.
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    I wondered about that, glad you were able to get it out of there! I can't decide which stylus I like better. Love the sturdiness of the metal one, but the flexibility of the plastic one is much more comfortable.
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    I hate the new stylus! Maybe I use too much pressure when I hold it, but it is just so weak and flimsy. I would rather have the 650 or even the 600's stylus. That may be the way to go. Bring back the 600 design and have color choices for the end caps. Are the replacement stylus available yet? Maybe I can use my 20% off Palm discount to get it.
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