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    What did they change, if anything from the version that came with the 650?

    is there still no way to check all account at one time?
    are accounts still seperated, they each have their own inbox?
    what is the version number?

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    As far as I can tell, yes, the accounts are still separate and you check each one at a time. Verson no. on my 680 is 3.5.3.
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    On the new Version If You are using email from an Exchange server the Contacts will also be synced along with Calender & Email
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    is the new Versamail better than the old SnapperMail? Or should those of us on Snapper stick with it moving forward? (I know this is an opinion question based on how each user users their device, but am curious of other's opinions...)
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    If Snapper Mail Worked With an Exchange server and Would Sync mail/calender/contacts I Would definatley stick with Snapper. Unless Your on An exchange server stick with snapper.
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    dumb question, does VM support SD card storage?
    Cingular 680
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    Versamail does NOT support SD card storage

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