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    I preciselly followed ALL the instructions found here and Im having an issue.

    Eventually when clicking on a message it pops up that "User Permission Check" asking if it can use airtime... but it pops up on a window that is only 25% of the size of the screen that sits on the top-left part of the screen.

    It always does that check when I start gmail app, but it does that weird pop-up sometimes when I tell it to do something (open, compose, forward...).

    I thought it was just a crashing weird message, but if I hit the center key it actually clicks on YES (which is impossible to see) and resumes the gmail actions.

    Its weird and annoying, is someone experiencing this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by benex View Post
    Its weird and annoying, is someone experiencing this?
    Yes, I have seen several of these.
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    Interseting. To you gmail users, is this app more useful than the built in Versamail on the Treo? I've been using that lately with some success; just wanted to know the thoughts of anyone who might use both
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    The problem I have with Versamail checking a gmail account is that when I delete the message from versamail, empty trash, then recheck the gmail account, the deleted messages will show back up. Note, I do not want them deleted from from gmail account. I still want to see them when I use my computer.
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    I had gmail app up and running for a few days, but have been experiencing problems with it.

    1. When I attempt to send an email, my phone resets.
    2. Recently, I was just deleting an email, and the phone froze.

    I assume that it's the java app that is causing this, or it is conflicting with another software on my phone. In any case, I decided to delete both the java and gmail. I was so hoping I can have it available, but didn't want to risk resets and crashes.
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    worked great, I'm so glad to have it back! thanks a bunch for finding that.
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    how do you do this??? when I launch the Java VM all I get is a midlet list and it asks me to install somethign via a url...

    The Gmail for mobile application has additional configurations through the JVM. From IBM Java VM, please adjust the following:

    * Select Gmail -1.0.0. > Menu > Permissions.
    * Select HTTPS, please make sure Once when the application runs (session) is selected.
    * Select HTTP, please make sure Once when the application runs (session) is selected.
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    Thanks, JRoD_E

    I was finally able to get ride of that annoying message to reconnect every time i tried to view a message....
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    i just installed and didnt have a problem
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    I'm getting a completely different problem. I installed the JVM, then I rebooted and then downloaded the GMail app to the device and clicked Save. There's no GMail icon showing, so I go into the JVM. It says installing Midlet and has a progress bar. It goes for a short while and then stops saying the file was only 26000 bytes and it was expecting 141000 bytes. I've tried this with the reboots about 4 times now and I get the same thing each time. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I got this installed and running. It is a bit quirky though. I blame the old version of JAVA that is used on the Treo. If IBM would update the JAVA Runtime app, JAVA midlets might run a little more smoothly. It is kind of neat though!

    Now if I could just get Google Talk to work on the Treo over the Edge network...
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