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    I've been looking high & low for a non-wireless external keyboard for my 700p. All I can find are either IR or bluetooth ones. I want one where you just plug the treo in to the keyboard, no battery drain, no lags, etc. I have one like that for my ipaq, do any like that even EXIST for Palm? I doubt it, so what's the best available keyboard?
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    I've been seeing a lot of posts asking questions about external keyboards for the treo but they never seem to get any replies, hence the fact that I thought I add my 2 cents.

    I'm 99.99% certain there is no external keyboards for the Treo that hook up through a physical connection. I would of loved it if there was as the last thing I need in my home is something else that uses batteries, however despite my desire for such a product I found nothing. I ended up getting the palm universal wireless keyboard. The bluetooth keyboards looked nice but they run down the battery on the treo quicker. I was a little concerned at first about the keyboard I got as I had read some reviews complaining of problems with key press recognition.

    I've actually been quite happy with the keyboard as it has worked for me better than I had anticipated it would. My only complaint about it is that there is no way to really secure the treo in place
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    Is that the IR one? I actually bought that one last year to use with my old 650, and I ended up taking it back b/c there was a major lag between when I'd type & when the words would actually appear on the screen. Maybe I just got a bad one? Or maybe the 650's IR just sucked?

    I'll probably try that one again, just b/c it's the only one I can find that I don't have to order online.
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    I know some people have posted success with the Palm Universal Wireless (IR), but I could never get the thing to work for me. I think the driver has been buggy all along.
    Decided to go with the IR keyboard made by Stowaway (a/k/a Think Outside, a/k/a iGo). It lacks a 5th row of keys for numbers, which is a major drawback, but at least it works reliably and with minimal lag. Search the website carefully for the latest driver -- the one that came on cd with my keyboard was not great for the Treo 700p.
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    I too want a simple direct keyboard. I personally think the wireless keyboards are a solution in search of a problem. After all, if I want to type, I wnat to see the screen and I want it in front of me.

    The T600 had such a keyboard and it was accessory you could justify out of the box.

    Hey, I think ir and BT are great....but not for keyboards. I want a keyboard I can plug the treo on to (then I don't have to worry about it falling over etc while I am hacking wildly at the keys and I save myself the battery life.

    Palm are you listening??? If not how about you aftermarket folks? about you electronic/home masters of electronica...can you make an adapter that has the female T600 port and a male T650, 680,700 etc that would allow us all to use the old keyboards (still very cheap on ebay) and our new fangled gadgets.

    I'd pay $50 for it if it worked.

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    amen - I would pay $150 for a good keyboard - 5 rows, foldable...with direct plug in like I used to have on my Palm VIIX...worked GREAT.

    The Palm Universal is a pain as I have to do a soft reset if the palm device goes to sleep during a pause (I set it so it won't go to sleep...but that's a pain to do too).

    Any suggestions?

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