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    I updated my TREO 650 OS to 1.05a. The upgrade went on fine without any problems.

    One issue I am having right now is my email notification has stopped working. The wirelesssync does push the email to my device but I am not having any notification (ringer or vibrator).

    Help will be appreciated.
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    I just upgraded my Verizon 650 with little or no issues except loosing email notifications. All settings see to be correct. Does anyone know of a fix?


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    I've had the same problem and no one at Palm or Verizon seems to have any idea of how to fix it.

    I just did a Hard Reset and then activated the Wireless Sync BEFORE I did a hot sync and actually got notifications as I tested it before I did the hot sync.

    Then I did the Hot Sync and Voila! I get email notifications. See if this works for you.
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    That did it. Thanks a bunch!

    I was begining to think an upgrade to a 700p was in my immediate future!



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