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    I had managed to get things working nicely after the horrible lag I was getting when switching between application. However, a new problem has now developed.

    After a certain amount of time, when on a call, the screen switches off and ends the call. I have played with the power settings in preferences but nothing seems to make a difference. So although I am enjoying the improved sound quality compared to my 650, unfortunately, it seems I can't enjoy it for very long. Would anyone be kind enough to offer any suggestions?

    I have spent many hours since I got the device trying to get it to be the indispensable tool my 650 has been over the last two years and I am becoming increasingly frustrated. I consider myself as a die hard Palm fan, however I am now starting to have my doubts. Perhaps I'm asking too much but I think if the 650 could handle all my applications and data then surely an updated device can at the very least do the same.
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    How did you install all your apps? Did you just sync with your old 650 desktop? What apps are you running?
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    Thank you for the reply. I did a clean install and started from scratch. I haven't installed everything but so far I have:

    Northglide NeatFreak Pack (Uninstall Manager etc)
    KB LightsOff

    Could one of these be causing the call issue? I have also just noticed that the Chatter email alert cuts off abruptly as well....

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