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    My backlight flickers slightly, both screen and keyboard. Has anyone else seen this or is it just me? I'll have to play, but it may only happen at the dimmest settings...
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    Seems like a loose connection or your eyes may be more sensitive than mine.

    I would suggest that you have it checked or get it replaced if it really is flickering. No sense staying it if you are not happy.
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    it's not just you, mine does that as well. usually when its loading data and the screen brightness is turned down below full.
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    I think I just lost the bottom 1/4 of my brightness settings. This is just starting to get strange.

    I did notice the flickering was in synch with the processor...

    the backlight just brightened back up during the typing of this post. stranger indeed....
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    Mine also flickers when less than 50% brightness. It's only subtle so I can live with it.
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    Well if it is a product wide issue, that's fine and good. I can make my decision as to whether it is a deal breaker or not.

    I do use my device in low light a lot, with the dimmer all the way down, so it could be a big headache, I'll just have to see. The fact that the dimmer went completely dark at the bottom 25% last night, and then suddenly decided to kick back on worries me though.

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