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    My old 650 is now my GPS device with my TomTom v6 navigation kit.
    SPCS Treo 700p
    Virginia Beach, VA but home will
    always be Honolulu, HI
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    I'm keeping my old T650 (unlocked cingular-branded) for international travel
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    I unfortunatley never had an old one I wanted one so bad, for years, but was never able to afford it in our budget. Now, with my new job status/promotion, owning one came alot easier. I absolutely *love* the 700p. Best device I have ever owned! Maybe when (or if) a new Palm smartphone surfaces someday, I may just do what you did and give it to my daughter to play with
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    Right now I'm using my 600 as a test mule to try out new apps. I suppose I'll sell it at some point as there still seems to be a market for them.
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    I gave mine to a friend & let him use it with a vacant line on my Sprint account. The story behind that- my ex & I got a family plan together, or rather *I* got the plan in MY name b/c his credit was too bad, about 4 months ago. He was supposed to pay his share of the bill but ended up running the bill up to at least $300 every month. Just this past month it was $600! I ended up getting cut off b/c I couldn't pay it all myself. So he got dumped & a dear friend offered to take over the line & help me pay the bill. I gave him my old 650 as a gesture of thanks.
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    I sold my 650 on Craigslist.
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    I have passed on my old 600's and 650's to my wife, my friend, my chiropractor and even dedicated my T2 as a Nav device for traveling.
    VZW 755p
    VAJA Orange Case, Custom takephone skin (Thanks NachoB), Chatter, PalmRevolt, treolauncher, and a bunch of other stuff
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    Sold mine to my sister-in-law. Brother already had his!
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    First Treo 650 was stolen. Second Treo 650 was sold on ebay.
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    What will be a 1 month old refurbished Sprint Treo 650 will be for sale after Christmas.
    (SD slot went bad.)
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    Used the ever-so-shady Palm Trade-ups for my old 650 from VZW... Never again will I partake in that company...
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    So Perry, are you hoping Santa is going to bring you a 700pn
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    Sold 650 on ebay
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    My 600 is just sitting there.
    iPhone 4S
    Former Treo & Storm Owner
    Cigar Lover
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    Sprint Treo 700p
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    To my wife's amazement, my 600 (GSM) is a chew toy for my son. I'm thinking of keeping it for international travel. The picture was taken at a Christmas concert. Several people were amazed at the rather expensive toy he had to occupy him.

    The first time he dropped it to applaud the completed song, it got me. Then I got used to it. Funny thing is, when I bumped it mistakenly, the phone would turn off, or the unit would reset. He dropped it repeatedly with (apparently) no repercussions.

    Go figure.
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    I just sold my 650 to a fellow user through the marketplace forum. A great experience!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Dog Doc View Post
    So Perry, are you hoping Santa is going to bring you a 700pn
    Hey Doc!

    23 months into my 650 contract . . . I should be able to get the $299 pricing for renewal. . . . . Mother-in-Law provided $100 on my birthday back in September and another $100 for the holiday, kids are kicking in $50 each. . . . .yes . . . . I would say Santa was involved . . . .

    But now I am looking at Kinoma 4 EX and that 3200 mAh. Hmmm. . . . . might have to kick in some of my own cash yet.

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    I hadn't seen anything about a 3200 mAh! Time to do a search....

    You'll like the 700, despite it's foibles.
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