Commercializing treocentral.

I want to take moment to thank the TreoCentral moderators for allowing us to have posted and communicated with customers on getting the highly anticipated treo 680ís to their homes. With doing our business here I would only feel right to state and consider it a standard across the board that with each and every purchase of any device from any of our palm/airportwireless some guidelines that we (airportwireless/palm)must follow below.

1. those clients who have purchased via this website or others have a direct relationship with the store manager of said name store.
2. store managers have contact information on each and every client to ensure product stability and proper usage or best practices

I think these are good standard and if we fail to do so, not only would you have 30days to return the product if unsatisfied with the product but as well if you are unsatisfied with the customer service from pre-sale to post sale,

Although our airport division of airportwireless/palm stores are owned and operated as a one company but the stores are individuals, it is very important that you understand that you are reflecting our company and these awesome product world wide. We will not let these customer or any customers down.

If you have had a great experience with our company please feel free to follow up with a reply post of compliments to TreoCentral for allowing us to bring these products to you and so that our companies higher echelons as well as can see that this is where the focus should be.

Johnnie tech

for my personal opinion and to see what standard i hold SFO employee at please see the link below