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    I'm trying to have my Treo 680 be the merged "epicenter" between 1) a personal home PC where I use Outlook for a POP account and to manage Contacts, Calendar, etc. and 2) a work Exchange account. I don't necessarily want my work (Exchange) details on my personal home computer and viceversa. Although if inevitable, so be it.

    What should the app blend be?

    I've been trying PocketMirror and VersaMail but run into errors on the sync. Should I look into ActiveSync? Using Xpress Mail instead?

    Here is the overview of what I'm trying to do...

    Personal Contacts / Outlook (Local) <-> Treo 680 <-> Work Contacts (Exchange)

    Personal Calendar / Outlook (Local) <-> Treo 680 <-> Work Calendar (Exchange)

    Personal Tasks / Outlook (Local) <-> Treo 680

    Personal Notes / Outlook (Local) <-> Treo 680

    Personal Email (POP Account)

    Work Email (Exchange)

    Appreciate any guidance...
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    Has anybody been successful using ActiveSync for work, while preserving their personal email/calendar/contacts? Please share...

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