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    I want to move from using a standard cellphone to a smartphone...and I am really eager to get the 680. *However* I need to see/feel one in person, since I have to decide if it will feel like too much of a behemoth to carry around all the time....especially since my ideal cellphone would be the size of a peanut (kind of like that Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Ferrell) but I simultaneously wish for a screen the size of a plasma TV, and the computing powers of a quad core Mac Pro. I know, I know. I don't want much do I?

    Anyway, I have been calling a lot of stores in the peninsula (south of San Francisco) and in San Jose and haven't found a store yet that has them in stock.

    Any leads? I am sick of hearing "we don't know when we'll get them" (I realize it's not their fault that they don't know, I am just impatient. )

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    Hey Soccer mom - feel free to come out to sfo and pick one up when you get a chance.

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    You can also go to a cingular store and check one on in person. keep in mind that they only have one color - graphite.
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    I called your store this morning (or at least one of the 650 numbers that were listed in another thread and the person I talked to said that you only have one left (in copper [i.e. not for me]). I am interested in the crimson or possibly the arctic. Also... do you still have the music pack? Is your store behind the security gates (I don't have the details right now about your store) and if so, how would I be able to see the phone first (sorry if this has ben covered previously)?

    I haven't been able to find a SF South Bay Cingular store anywhere that has even mentioned a demo unit... though I suppose I haven't asked for that explicitly (I was asking if the 680s were in yet). I would like to add that of the several Cingular stores I have called the only one person (SJ -- Blossom Hill) I talked to was remotely polite about the lack of availability of the phone. Quite surprising (and disappointing).
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    We have the crimson, arctic, and copper in cleveland. We can also overnight it to your location. Our FedEX guy won't be here for another hour or so.

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    The Palm Store at Westfield in San Francisco got a shipment yesterday, as well as the store at Stanford Mall and Valley Fair. Good luck.
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    Yeah, it looks like all the Palm stores are getting them now. I was just at the one at the Grove in LA and they had some left. They said sales were pretty brisk.
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    The Palm Store at Valley Fair has all three non-graphite 680s in stock right now :-)

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