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    Are there any good 3rd party apps out there that will allow you to sync the 680 wirelessly?
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    So far, there is no good 3rd party app let you sync via cellphone network. BTW, it gonna take forever to sync. Make no sense? Try to sync yours via Bluetooth or IR.
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    This answer could be used for any P Treo, I'd say -- 600, 650, 700p. I wanted this ota PIM sync forever for my 650. It may push me to getting a WM Treo.
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    Actually, I used a product at one point called Pylon Anywhere that worked well was just expensive.
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    You can hotsync via a network. Its built into the Palm Hotsync software. You will need a pc running your Palm Hotsync on a network and forward the ports in your router. Select what you want to sync. You will need to know the IP address of your router or setup a dynamic ip resolution with a service. You can limit what you want to sync. I have done this and it works.

    This is free.
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    Does it take long to sync? Does it sync all apps?
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    I don't normally do a network sync via the internet. You can set what you want to sync. I never had it do a full backup or sync programs. Just wanted my contacts and calendar. Using EVDO this should sync failry quickly even for a complete sync.

    I setup my wifes Palm T/X to sync via WiFi (intranet) and it is much faster then the USB cable.
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    Cellular network hotsyncs take AGES... I synced ONLY my PIM data once and it took almost 25 minutes.

    If you want just calendar, try GooSync, it works reasonably well with some caveats.. You'll need to edit repeating events on the Google Calendar side as they show up as single events, and if you input an event on the Google Calendar side, the Palm side has no Category set so you might have to set that. But it can't sync contacts.

    Schedule World can sync contacts, but not calendar data..

    I wouldn't be surprized to see contacts supported by Google Calendar (or some other Google service) through GooSync, but that's just me thinking it would make sense.

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