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    I've loaded a few games onto my new 700p and notice that it is difficult to quit out of them. The Namco pac man/galaxian games require me to hit the option key and then one of the 4 function buttons at the top to quit. I pressed every button on the thing to quit Ultimate bowling fighter but couldn't do it. Only a soft reset would regain control of the Treo.

    Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas?
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    Yeah, but this is due to the fact that these apps are not fully compatible (hard button wise) with the 700p. Something must have changed in the key layout/config in the 700p. Still, I only found one game (that I own) that exhibits a real problem with exiting, and that is Microquad. I also own the Namco games, but with the ALT-Home combo you can easily exit these. Every other game I have tried (over 100) works just fine. I suggest contacting the authors of the offending apps and see if they will update for 700p compatibility. I did this with Microquad, the author acknowledged the problem, and hopefully I'll see a fixed version soon.
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    Yeah. I did some further research and found that a) many progs have been updated to fix this problem (namco games included), and b) opening the find window and then hitting the home button will quit the game most of the time.
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    I have had the same problem with Tetris and

    In order to exit either one of them, I press the black button on the lower left, the find button underneath it and then the home button. Works every time.
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    I found that an easy way out of this situation was to pop out the SD card and pop it back in. Takes you right back to the launcher.
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