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    Lately when I hotsync my 700P, it gets stuck on Synchronizing Calendar and never completes. I had the hotsync working fine and then it started doing this. I installed the new Palm Desktop from the 700P CDs from Verizon and that did not fix it. I have to cancel the sync on the 700P and eventually it comes back. When I click to cancel the hotsync on my PC, it keeps running. I have to kill it with Task Manager and then Palm Desktop won't close. Help?
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    You may have a corrupt or deleted calendar entry on the Palm that is creating the hangup and need to do a clean with a free program called dbscan.

    Bill Gamble had a good post on that . . . . going to search for it . . . .

    I assume it's still good process, as he last edited that post 09/05/06.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    LOL, apparently still good!
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    Wow! Thanks everyone. Ran dbscan.prc and everything works again. If only PalmOne support was this good!
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    Excellent!! We do have our moments of clarity . . . . . .
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