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    I want a quality headphone solution that I can also use to answer calls. It seems that the Seido 2-in-1 Stereo Adapter for the Treo 650/700 works well, but I am concerned about having a lot of wire to deal with when 'phones are added on. Some here have been critical of the placement of the controls on the Shure iSeries. Has anyone tried both? Has anyone been using either solution for an extended period now and have an opinion to share? Thanks!
    Bruce Millar
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    I've been using the Seidio adapter. It works as advertised, and it's nice to be able to use any 3.5 headphones with it. But it does add up to a lot of wire, as you say, and part of that wire includes the relatively heavy plug where you connect the headphones. That plug sits up near the microphone, so it hangs near your neck.

    I would go with the Shure i series except for one big drawback -- my understanding is that the button on the microphone can't be used with remote control software to control your media player. So you can't use software like Headset Control to start and stop Pocket Tunes, for example, or advance songs.

    So for now I use the Seidio adapter with the Shure e series. Good sound and control; but lots of inconvenient wire.
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    Sound and build quality the Shures win hands down. i have a pair.
    Plus they come with a warranty, the wires are nice, thick and sturdy. I do miss the hangup/call button. You can find them for about double the cost of the Siedios.
    Guess you can't have it all.

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